3 Hacks on How to Make Your Money Go That Much Further

1. Whenever we do our grocery shopping, we buy things that are almost in need of replacing, or may even be needed next week. Like this we spend a little more each week. Over the year, this adds up, and becomes a few hundred or even a thousand over spent.

Let’s think of shopping in this way, if you buy groceries every eight days instead of seven, you get one day free every week. You can do this by cooking things that are in the back of the cupboard, such as pasta or tinned rice pudding, powdered soups etc., or using up left overs from yesterday.

There are fifty-two weeks in the year, and this means you can get fifty-two days of free shopping, just by stretching the supplies a little bit! That is about seven weeks of groceries absolutely free every year!

2. In general, we do not want to put things off, however if it does not need replacing now, or spending on now, you will find, postponing the expenditure actually saves a lot each year. For example, taking the kids out every week, can be postponed to every ten days, some things purchased every month could be every 6 weeks or every other month. You will find yourself paying for less every month on month, than year on year.

Kids birthdays; Some people have all their kid’s birthdays on the same day, and this does actually save, because you will have only one party per year, not more than one.

Some people also roll their Christmas and birthdays for whole family into one day, think of the hundreds you could save with this idea!

Buying Christmas gifts after the event for next year, is another little trick. In January, unsold but quite good gifts are available in the shops for half price or thirty per cent off. You just have to bear in mind that gifts you purchase for giving next year, should not be out of date next year, or indeed out of fashion.

3. When spending cash, you will spend a lot less if you spend pennies and pence, cents and quarters before using notes. This weird little trick actually works, and saves time and effort gathering change to put in the change machine later.

Did you know, change machines charge you about ten to eleven percent just to count your money?

Take These Financial Steps When You’re Still Young and Single

My parents taught me to earn and save money from an early age. I had a checkbook before I was 10, I was in stock market club in 5th grade and had a job as soon as was legally possible. I always balanced my checkbook, had a credit card before 18, paid it off monthly and even learned to file my own taxes. You could say I was quite financially responsible for any age. I took a risk moving across the country when I was 22 and lost my savings trying to “make it”. So when I became pregnant, I was practically starting completely over. Thankfully I already had the skills and resourcefulness to make it work. Now, with my little 3 person family, I am taking seriously all the things I could have done earlier to ensure our financial stability. Benefit from my mistake, and see if you can implement any of these now before you wish you had.

Budget Your Money

To budget your money, you first have to know what you are currently making and spending your money on. First include your bills, most important first, all the way down to expenses that vary month to month like utilities, gas, food, etc and finally fill in a month’s worth of categories such as gifts, donations, dining/entertainment, and personal care to learn what you are spending in these unrecorded categories. After you’ve made a budget of one month’s expenses, you can evaluate where you are spending unnecessarily. Perhaps there was a category out of control prior to this experiment, or your car insurance, cell phone or cable bill can be negotiated. Now you know what you need to make per month to live and where you’d like to cut your spending.

Satisfy Your Need To Succeed or Spend

Everyone should have an experience they made a financial goal and smashed it. I think it’s pertinent to future financial success. It sucks if you have children before you’re able to make and meet a goal and are now living paycheck to paycheck or have little room in your budget to save or invest. Consider making a goal before you have children so you can benefit from the experience of seeing your vision through. This can also be fun for someone who has cut a lot of the budget fat and left little room for shopping, something they may have really loved before. You can start by having a goal of a 500.00-1,000.00 emergency fund (adjust as necessary) and then saving for something you really want, a trip to visit your aunt in California, a 52-inch flat screen.

Plan Your Meals

The third highest expense in most family’s budgets are groceries, so I’m meal planning a lot now. Learning to cook and eat healthy is an important part of a single person or family’s life, saving money on that food is dire to a family’s monthly budget. You can electronically view the grocery’s stores ads online or like ours, in their app. I begin making my grocery list based on what’s on sale. If coupons are available to you, I include those in my list and try to make meals of what’s already on sale. It takes time to nail down the rhythm, but my family has shaved off at least 200.00/month doing only these things.

Make A Pantry

I would never have considered doing this as a single person, but it’s brilliant. The space you dedicate as the pantry does not have to be very large. This is where you will put canned/boxed foods and personal care items that you find greatly discounted or just to have extra on hand. Good food items to keep there are boxes of cereal, Jell-O and pudding, cake/muffin mix, Jiffy cornbread mix, peanut butter, beans and tomatoes for chili and tomato soup. I also like to keep things like extra deodorant, shaving cream, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, and toothpaste.

Switch To The Dollar Store

Not everything should be purchased at the dollar store, but many items can without you batting an eye about its quality. Getting used to shopping at the dollar store as regularly as the grocery store will keep you in enough of a frugal mindset to keep your financial goals at the center of your spending. There are so many items that can be bought there alternatively that I will save my favorites for another article. Just find the dollar store nearest your house and roam the aisles, noting things you’d consider purchasing instead of where you currently are for much higher cost.

Save or Invest

I owned my own business from age 22 to 24 and I didn’t want to miss out on the benefits of 401Ks being offered to employees of companies, so I went to my credit union to learn about IRAs, a retirement account for people who work for themselves. There my adviser congratulated me for seeing him so young because I “only have time on my side!”. He was exactly right. With any investment, it’s best to have the most time on your side. 401Ks are only offered to employees, so that was not an option for me. My IRA did not make any money in the 4 years I kept it, but things could change. It was still as if I had saved it! If you have the option to start a 401K with your employer, do it! Your employer often matches your contributions, which you would not be able to take advantage of working for yourself. If neither of these options are available to you, due to your employment position or lack of funds, just begin a savings account, be realistic about what you can contribute monthly and commit to it.

In one year I turned my financial situation around with my resourcefulness and inability to give up with a child on the way. When I got pregnant I was 3,000 in credit card debt and had no money. By his birth, I had prepared for him completely, paid off the credit card debt, saved for 2 months maternity leave and had a couple thousand dollars cushion in my bank account. 10 months later I’m a stay at home mom with an at home business and I’m contributing to our savings regularly, including my son’s separate account. I don’t think we’ll ever fall on hard times like that again, but in case we do, I’ll have all systems in place!


Make Smart Decisions About What You Buy

I’ve made plenty of mistakes in my life regarding debt. I only wish I could go back in time and redo some of my spending decisions I made when I was younger. Obviously that is impossible, but maybe this post will help younger individuals who are about to go out and do something they might regret later in life.

I remember when I was 26, living in a nice area of San Francisco with three roommates. It was a good fun time in my life and I have several great memories from this period. I was very good with my money overall, but every once in a while something would come over me and I would do something that I would later regret.

When I was younger, I saw this new television at Circuit City (remember them?); I still remember the exact TV model. It was the Hitachi 61SWX10B and the price was $3,500. It was a rear projection television and was quite large; a 61″ unit that had a built in stand.

Of course, I was not going to go out and drop that much money on a television at that point in my life, but when I heard I could go out and get a new credit card with 6 months no interest financing I thought okay I can make this happen. My plan was to just put $500 down and then pay off $500 a month and I would get that TV without paying any interest.

I executed my plan flawlessly and I was the big man in the house; all my roommates loving that TV for all it was worth. Guest would come over and tell me it was the best TV they had ever seen and I ate it up. We watched movies, played video games, sporting events, we all enjoyed it.

About a year later, all of our lives changed and we went separate ways. Then it hit me, I was now stuck moving this massive television and the burden of moving it to my new place was quite a hassle. All my former roommates got to enjoy my big awesome television for free and they simply moved on. I was stuck with a $3,500 bill and now moving into a place that I could barely accommodate a television that size.

As it turned out, over the next couple of year’s plasma televisions started coming out and my once super mac-daddy televisions seemed ancient. Within 4 years of my purchase rear projection TVs were no longer desired at all. I couldn’t even sell it due to its large size, so when I moved I simply posted a free ad on Craigslist. Obviously, I gave it to the first interested party instead of trying deal with something that big and heavy with little to no value.

It would have been totally reasonable for me to just buy a $500 television, which also would have been a nice television, or to look into Craigslist and buy something there for an even better deal. But unfortunately, like most people can probably relate to, I had to get the biggest and best product on the market. Looking back I realize it was a very poor decision on my part.

It was clearly not the end of the world, but being 41 now, if I would have not have bought that $500 television and invested the other $3,000, today the money I spent would be worth more than $20,000 and in another 20 years, it would be close to $200,000.

These are the typical decisions that everyone makes, especially the younger society, not necessarily bad decisions, but definitely irresponsible ones. We all make them, as we don’t actually think about the long term effects of what we buy.

The key is to cut back, save and invest. It might look like you’re not building much over a few months or even a year, but continued savings over a decade or 2 can have dramatic jaw dropping effects. Do you want to give your 20 something self the latest electronics or do you want to give your 40 something self a better, easier life?


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Financial Advice on Long Term Care

The rising costs of long term care have been very subjective discussion for many years. This discussion would always be in the focus as long term care is needed by almost everyone. The costs of nursing homes are very high and can sum up to a large amount when the stay is of one year or more. The care fees is something which is not affordable to the most of the people. People find it difficult to pay all the expenses by themselves. For long term care whether in home or at the nursing home can be financed. For many elderly people entitled for NHS Continuing Health Care, they receive complete facilities for free. But this facility is available to very rare and hence one needs care fees advice which costs them less.

Following are some of the ways of financing your care plan:

  • NHS Continuing Care or fully funded NHS care are offered by NHS in which the eligible persons receive free care at any place that could be home, care centre or hospice. Eligibility is needed to be checked before getting this help.
  • Self Funding for the Care: In this type of financing you pay for all the facilities by yourself. You can pay your bills from your personal savings and assets. This option is definitely not a feasible option as most of the people do have so much money to afford the facility fees and even if you have the yearly expenses of the services would deplete your resources soon.
  • State provision for care help: If you do not have enough income to afford your facility fees and you are not eligible for NHS continuing care, then with the help of care fees advice, you can apply for state provision or local authority funding for your facility fees.
  • Annuities and Life insurance: There are a lot many insurance schemes are available for us and one can buy a scheme which lets you use a part of the death benefit for paying your long term care fees. Annuities are the facility that is paid only at the time of the need. You can get long term care advice for getting the best annuities and insurance plans.
  • Long term care insurance: This type of financial planning is to be matured over the years. And after certain time period the person can avail the facility and can get benefits in which your care fees would be paid. In an insurance one has to pay premium for the waiting period in which a certain amount has to be accumulated before getting the benefits. For this type of financial aid one needs to plan long ahead before needing the care facility.

Financial Advice For People About To Retire

The best financial consultants will always advice people seeking for their advice to start planning and saving for their retirement as soon as they have a stable job. As such, even if it’s your first time to work, even if you’re just in your early 20s, you should already have a retirement plan and you are already setting aside money monthly for your retirement fund.

Unfortunately, not all people heed this crucial advice. Many employees always find ways to postpone working on their retirement plan. And before they know it, it will only be 10 years before they have to retire. And usually, planning and preparing 10 years before your retirement is usually not enough for anyone to prepare sufficiently.

However, this doesn’t mean that you give up preparing for your golden years and simply wing it once you stop earning a fixed monthly income. Below are some helpful tips and pieces of advice for people who are near their retirement age so that they can still live comfortably in their golden years:

Prepare your cash reserves or emergency fund. Financial advisors say that you should have at least three to six months of your normal income in an account that is safe and easily accessible. This means having some money deposited in your savings account for all planned expenses. For example, if you know that you need to replace your roof in a few years’ time, you should be setting aside money for that in your savings account.

Resolve your outstanding credit card debt, medical bills, and loans. You should reduce and eventually eliminate all these debts and loans so that your income can be channeled into your personal saving and investment funds which you can use once you retire. Consider checking the interest rates on your credit cards and other loans to see if you can find lower rates as well.

If you have kids, make sure you have already started saving for their college tuition funds. Financial advisers actually say that you should start saving as early as possible after your kids are born, even if you can save only a small amount. As your income rises, you can increase the amount you save for their college funds.

Make sure you already have a retirement plan. Finally, aside from the retirement funds you can expect from work or from the government, consider making the maximum allowable contributions to an individual retirement account. You can get more details about these retirement funds that you can still contribute to from your local financial advisors since different countries, banks, and financial institutions usually offer different schemes or programs regarding retirement funds.

The Advantages of Independent Financial Advice When Buying to Let

Financial decisions have a way of impacting every aspect of your life – for better or worse. When you acquire an asset, apply for a loan or spend money on your credit card, it will affect your overall financial stability and credit rating. This is why it is so important to get the right advice when making any kind of life-altering decision.

There are so many financial advisers out there, and they all claim to be the best. However, not all of them are truly independent, and this is where many people end up hitting a snag. A truly independent financial adviser can provide you with information on various plans and solutions without pushing you towards anyone in particular. They will make the advantages and disadvantages of each option very clear so that you can make an educated decision. The adviser will also be able to provide you with necessary pricing, give details on terms, explain anything you don’t understand and make suggestions that you are free to accept or reject.

An independent financial adviser can be considered a kind of matchmaker. Not only do they need to find the right plan for you but they also need to make sure that you are right for the plan. They will take your personal situation, circumstances and preferences into account before narrowing down your options.

When consulting with an experienced independent advisor, you are letting them do all of the work while you maintain control and will always have the final say. Even if you spend hours discussing your various options, you are under no obligation whatsoever to sign on the dotted line if you’re not 100% happy with the terms.

Having an impartial expert on your side will also help immensely when you’re trying to make sense of all the technical details and jargon. There are few things more disheartening than trying to read through a contract on only understanding every second or third word!

When purchasing a property that you wish to rent out, you will need to make sure that you have all the necessary facts and information. When buying something as valuable as a house, it will have a considerable effect on your estate. Even more so when you make use of an equity release in order to purchase a second home.